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Zawadi Story Book

0.10 KGS
"Zawadi was BIG. Zawadi  was HUGE. She was Elephantine. Zawadi was an El-e-phantine El-e-phant"....

Based on a true story about an elephant who once belonged to a circus. But the circus was poor and one night it moved off and left Zawadi behind.

This enchanting book tells the story of an elephant and a little girl who looks after her and longs to lead Zawadi in a festival. Learn how the villagers make a gorgeous festival robe for Zawadi to wear.

Illustrated imaginatively in colour by Federico Baca, who illustrates all the books and chairs, the detail is delightful.

Printed in A5 format on 170gms silk finished pages with 250gms matt lamimate covers the book uses clear font that the child will soon be able to read for themselves.

Size 210mm x 148mm  Weight  0.1kgs

Shipping: £2.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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