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Pip the Pony Rocking Chair + Story Book

6.50 KGS
Pip is cheeky, greedy and inquisitive. He loves to charm people into giving him things to eat. The sort of pony all children would love. He lives with a little girl called Pooky and they have many adventures together.

Children love to sit in this rocker and ride Pip in pretend races or imaginary adventures.

A clear, bright yellow rocking chair depicting Pip the Pony galloping happily over the meadows, ears pricked and tail held high.This is the perfect rocker for children still too young to be able to ride a tradional rocking horse.

Pip has a long flowing yellow mane to plait and decorate. It swings to and fro as the rocking chair is rocked.The picture of Pip on the sides of the rocker retains all the charm and detail of the hand painted original. The scratch proof coating will protect and preserve the beautiful colours of this yellow rocking chair for many years to come.

A FREE story book, illustrated in colour, is included and tells the fairytale story of Pip's first adventures. 

This Child's rocking chair has been tested and passed BSEN1022 for stability. There are four coats of hand applied varnish which makes it so easy to wipe clean. As all varnishes and pigments used throught from the first coat to the final scratch proof coating are water based, contain no heavy metals or petroleum based substances they are safe for children, kind to the planet and comply with Toy Regulation EN 71iii.
Chair Size H70cm x W30cm x B50cm  Packet Size  76cm x 57cm x8cm Weight  6.5kgs

Shipping: £6.60 (Fixed shipping cost)

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