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Pip the Pony Story Book

0.10 KGS
"In a green field with a big shady tree lived a pony called Pip. His coat was the colour of golden butter and his mane and tail were the colour of cream"...

Meet Pip, greedy, cheeky and just the sort of pony every child would love. Read this story book and learn about his adventures when he goes to the fair and tries to talk to the animals on the carousel. Find out what happens there when Pip's curiosity get the better of him.

Beautifully illustrated in colour and printed on 170gms silk finished paper with 250gms matt laminated covers it is bound to start many other imaginative stories about Pip. It makes the perfect bedtime story. Written in clear font that is easy for the child to learn to read for themselves.

Size 210mm x 148mm  Weight  0.1kgs


Shipping: £2.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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