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How the Zebra Got Its Stripes Story Book

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"A long, long time ago all the zebras were white. They shone brightly on the African plain. As bright as clouds in the sky"...

This is an original story set in Kenya and tells how the young Ziggy Malia saved her herd from the lions. Read this charming story book to find out how all the zebras became stripey.

Beautifully illustrated by Federico Baca this is a story book to enjoy and read again and again.

Printed on 170gms silk finished paper with 250gms matt finished covers the A5 book is easy for the child to hold. Written using familiar words the child will soon be able to read the story book for themselves.

Size 210mm X 148mm  Weight 0.1kgs

Shipping: £2.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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