Customer Reviews

We take great pride in the quality of workmanship at Fairy Tale Children's Furniture - and great joy in the hours of fun and play our rocking chairs inspire in children. Here are some of the lovely letters we've recieived over the years.

"It is very rare nowadays to find truly original ideas that inspire the imagination of children in the way that this chair can. Bumble is a much loved best friend who promotes imaginative adventures in such a simple and timeless way! Bumble will be a firm favourite for many years to come!" Philippa Williams

"I bought Bumble the Dog chair for my (small) 8 year old son who has additional learning difficulties. Ryan jumps and claps noisily in fron of the TV, video or DVD which meets some unusual sensory need of his an drives me mad!! I had a feeling that the movement of the rocking chair might help to replace the clapping and be better for us both.

Ryan doesn't often rock Bumble, but he understands that Bumble is the place to sit quietly with a big soft toy to cuddle...Although it is difficult to know how much Ryan understands, he knows that Bumble is HIS special chair and its for quiet sitting! Thank you,Zandra" Jenny Young.

"My little girl of 4 loves Siky. She's crazy about pink. Her bedroom is pink on pink! Silky has become a firm favourite with her friends and they spend time talking to her every day" Claire Rousseaux

"You really are an outstanding story teller! When you tell stories you tell pictures!  - Give up the day job! Tell stories; tell pictures!" Nell Harrison.

"The rocking chairs are are really well made and there's an inherent and lasting quality about them that I think, parents and grandparents will think is a bargain. I can see that when the children become adults that they will want to hand them down to their children and I can imagine that the illustrations will be as vivid then, as they are now. As for the story books that go with each chair they are a brillliant way to get children into the love of reading. Congratulations." Richard Tomlin

"Just AMAZING and so beautiful - the quality is first class & the colours so vibrant - my children and I would love to own them all!! The ease in which it assembles and diassembles is a real plus - this little rocking chair will be treasured for many generations to come. Thank you!" Penelope Patten

"Zawadi is just beautiful and my children don't have to fight over the chair.
They can have one each. They also use her as a little desk for writing secret messages" Rose
may Jones.

"Your Fairytale Furniture is beautiful!
It is designed with such love and care but more than that it is designed to inspire happy and creative chidre"? Michael Kenton 

"Thank you for the zebra chair. It was easy to assemble and we love the story"
J. Bartholomew

"We love the chairs and their beauty and attention to detail:
they have a feeling of real quality! I have read all the stories to my granchildren Alfie, aged 7 and Maisy, 5, who were entranced by them and carried away to new worlds of the imagination" Peter Sturgess


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