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Ziggy the Zebra Rocking Chair + Story Book

6.50 KGS
This rocking chair for kids is painted in beautifully hand stenciled zebra stripes in vivid black and white. It looks good from every angle and is sure to be a favourite. The stripes are both on the outsides and the inside of the arms as well as on the seat of the rocker. So the child sitting in the rocking chair can see the zebra stripes and imagine fairytales and adventures. Children just love zebras!
A FREE story book, illustrated in colour, comes with the rocking chair and tells the fairytale story of how the zebra got it's stripes. It is an original and charming story telling how young Ziggy the Zebra raced accross the African plains to save her herd from the lions.  The book is a perfect accompaniment to the rocking chair and is sure to fire every child's imaginatioon.
This children's rocking chair has been tested and passed BSEN1022 for stability. There are four coats of hand applied varnish which makes it so easy to wipe clean. All varnishes and pigments used throughout are water based, contain no petroleum based substances or heavy metals and comply with Toy Regulation EN 71iii.
Chair size  H70cm x W30cm x B 50cm  Package Size  76cm x57cm x 8cm  Weight  6.5kgs

Shipping: £6.60 (Fixed shipping cost)

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