About Us

Meet Zandra Johnson, founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture:

Once upon a time there was a Mum, Zandra Johnson, who thought it was such a shame that children's furniture, especially children's chairs and children's rocking chairs should always be copies of grown up's chairs.

Children love their own special things and children love stories, so Zandra put the two together and makes chairs especially for children to have fun with and writes a story book to go with every toddler chair.

As a Mum she is also very aware of how active and accident prone children can be so safety is paramount at Fairy Tale Children's Furniture! Keep reading to find out what makes our furniture so unique. Today's high tech toys just can't compare!

Unique, Beautiful & Lasting Gifts

So many of today's toys are poorly made, trend driven and ultimately disposable. At Fairytale Furniture we take pride in our attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. We're designed to be loved and passed down, not thrown away.

We're safe, ethical & sustainable

Fairytale Children’s Furniture meets all safety standards and all finishes used are safe for your children and kind for our planet. Our belief in ethical sourcing means that all our children‘s chairs and toys are made by craftsmen working in a safe environment and receiving a fair wage.

Acclaim for fairy tale furniture

Fairytale Children's Furniture has been acclaimed in: Vogue, Village Life,You & Your Family, Angels & Urhins, Baby London, Elle Decoration Indonesia, FQ Magazine, Practical Parenting, Insight Magazine, The Independent Magazine, The Independent Newspaper - and many more.

Watching children play is a beautiful thing, especially when they play in their imagination. So FairyTale Furniture Ltd always designs for children with love.

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